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Wind Sand & Stars are leading specialists in high quality historical and spiritual journeys. We began in the beautiful desert and mountains of South Sinai and, over the last twenty-five years, have worked with local partners in carefully chosen destinations to offer a distinctive, authentic and personal experience. Wherever possible we travel at a pace that allows us to connect with the landscape, its people and traditions. Our journeys venture through stunning scenery, discover ancient sites and give an insight into the lives of the local communities.

Whether for schools, adult groups, families or individuals, each journey is tailored to create a unique and memorable experience.

Desert Retreats
"It was one of those experiences that you live on for the rest of your life. The combination of scenery – simplicity of living – silence – gentle companionship – beauty and hospitality – and so much more there is not room for – made it a profound spiritual experience."
Adventure into Silence with Sara Maitland

Historical Adventures
"Our guest speaker was an endlessly fascinating storyteller, whose skill in bringing the past into the present so meaningfully helped to make the journey unforgettable. Each day was even more thrilling than the preceding one, with the climax at Mount Sinai itself delivered beyond expectation."
Historical Odyssey with Professor Janet Soskice

School Journeys
"It's a unique and unforgettable experience to travel through this extraordinary landscape, sleep beneath the night sky and visit places of such ancient resonance and splendour. With Wind Sand & Stars every detail has been considered and each day brings new delights."
Godolphin & Latymer School

Tailor Made Journeys
"I was very impressed by the company and the care you offer. I felt very safe and my bedouin guide Suleiman was everything I could have wanted: kind, caring, quiet and attentive."
Solo retreat - 40 days and nights in South Sinai



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