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Ethiopia is truly a land of contrasts, of remote and wild places, with remarkable culture and traditions dating back over 3,000 years. The only African country not to be colonised, it has its own languages, its own calendar and its own brand of Orthodox Christianity. With Wind Sand & Stars you can discover Ethiopia’s people, history and landscapes through exploration of ancient rock-hewn churches, historical treks across the highlands, journeys into the Great African Rift Valley, or collaborative community projects.

With our expertise in historical and spiritual journeys, we specialise in the northern Tigray region, an ancient and mystical land, with sites and stories worthy of Indiana Jones! It is even said that the fabled Ark of the Covenant remains are kept in the city of Axum. Ethiopia’s strong Orthodox Christian traditions began here and can still be discovered in the many hidden churches carved into the rocks, where ceremonies and rituals dating back to Old Testament times continue today.

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