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School Journeys

To visit Ethiopia is an incredible educational journey in itself. The northern Tigray region offers a fascinating insight into Ethiopia’s history and Orthodox traditions. For many tourists, the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela are highlight of their time in Ethiopia and justifiably so. However at Wind Sand & Stars, we venture beyond the obvious, seeking out lesser-known places for students to savour away from the crowds. The spaghetti western-style landscape of the Gheralta region is perhaps Ethiopia’s best-kept secret. This is home to the greatest number of rock-hewn churches, some hidden in caves and some perched on cliff tops, high above the African plain. Getting to them often requires an adventurous approach, well rewarded by spectacular views and a blessing from the priest who guards them. Footpaths take us through rural communities where little has changed in over hundreds of years.

Journeys exploring a different historical theme can include a trek through the remote central highlands, following the route of a British rescue mission during Queen Victoria’s reign to the Magdala Plateau. For those a more interested in a geological timescale, a journey through the Great African Rift Valley can reveal how the earth’s forces have, over millions of years, have shaped the landscape.

For those school groups who would like to, Wind Sand & Stars can offer an opportunity to participate in a project dedicated to supporting education and health initiatives within rural communities in Ethiopia. Improving access to schools and provision of safe water and sanitation is a high priority and we can help identify and manage an appropriate way for school groups to contribute to these important and inspiring initiatives. Teams can spend up to ten days on their project. There are many possible tasks that could be undertaken, depending upon the team’s ideas and interests, as well as the needs and priorities of the local community. The intention is for the school team to achieve something worthwhile, whilst also learning about the realities of every day life in a very different environment and culture.

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