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One of the most evocative places in the Middle East, Jordan’s rich history is matched by incredible natural scenery. Our experienced Bedouin ground handlers delight in sharing their desert land, revealing its past and offering us their warm hospitality as we travel with their impeccable guides and support.

A journey into the heart of Wadi Rum combines desert splendour with simplicity. It is a chance to experience the slower pace of desert life, embrace its solitude and stillness, while surrounded by truly breathtaking scenery. We travel on foot and by camel past sandstone cliffs that tower above the desert floor, following routes used by the Bedouin over the centuries. This area was also the scene of the Arab revolt of 1917, led by T.E. Lawrence, later brought to the big screen in the epic film Lawrence of Arabia.

Located in the heart of the Holy Land, Jordan’s countless historical sites tell stories of the emergence of the three Abahamic faiths. Journeys here can witness significant places and events through both the Old and New Testaments; we can view the promised land seen by Moses from Mount Nebo, stand where the baptism of Jesus took place at Bethany-beyond-the-Jordan, and also marvel at Crusader Castles at Kerak and Shoubak.

No visit to Jordan is complete without a visit to the famous city of Petra, carved out of Nubian Sandstone. This remarkable site offers a glimpse of the wealth and achievements of the ancient Nabatean traders.

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