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Specialist Tours

Egypt’s rich Christian heritage can be discovered in its early Coptic churches in the heart of Cairo, to far-flung desert monasteries. The origins of Christian monasticism can be found in Egypt’s desert, when fourth-century Christian abbas and ammas (the Desert Fathers and Mothers) were drawn to the wilderness seeking a life of silence, prayer and asceticism. Pioneers amongst these desert hermits were St Anthony and St Paul.

We can explore the monasteries of Wadi Natrun north of Cairo and also visit the great monasteries of St Anthony and St Paul in Egypt’s Eastern Desert near the Red Sea, with their many buildings, chapels and gardens, and significant collection of Coptic wall paintings.

For for first time in 2016 we are offering an exciting new to way to explore Egypt’s ancient wonders on a traditional 'felucca' sailing boat. We will spend four days living and sleeping on board, as we gently sail down the River Nile and enjoy the timeless simplicity and simple comfort of a journey relying solely on the wind for power.

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