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This little known Sultanate at the edge of the Arabian Peninsula is a refreshing reminder of a bygone age, where the most spectacular landscapes and cultural traditions remain undiluted, allowing a truly authentic experience of Arabia.

Oman’s craggy chains of mountains are scored by precipitous canyons, while the wind blown sand dunes and gravel plains of the interior stretch away into the distance.

The vast deserts are formed of a forbidding but fascinating patchwork of dunes, dotted with arid wadis and surreal wind-sculpted rock formations. This incredible wilderness is home to Arabia’s most iconic inhabitants, the Bedouin. These traditional nomadic tribes have existed amid one of the world’s most hostile natural environments, surviving in the depths of the desert by a combination of camel raising and goat herding. Their lifestyle was founded on a complex network of tribal allegiances, an intimate knowledge of the local environment and extraordinary levels of physical resilience. Today they have adapted a semi-nomadic lifestyle, raising livestock for part of the year before decamping to their date plantations during the summer months.

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