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Retreats & Pilgrimages

Sinai Desert Retreat

The power of the desert silence, the beauty of the weather-beaten sandstone hills, the opportunity for reflection, the time for discussion and the company of the Bedu family combine to create a unique and enriching experience. People have been drawn to this beautiful and remote wilderness throughout the centuries. Based in a stunning and remote desert valley, our Desert Retreats offer a rare opportunity to experience a sense of timelessness away from the pressures of modern life.

Our popular annual specialist tour Adventure into Silence is a non-denominational journey each October with special guest speaker Sara Maitland, author of the acclaimed A Book of Silence.

Alternatively if you wish to bring your own group, please contact us. We are always happy to help and discuss spiritual and theological input.

For information, ideas and advice on organising your own retreat, please contact us.

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Sinai Pilgrimage

The backdrop to many Biblical traditions, the inspiration for the earliest psalms, and the remnants of the crusades and medieval journeys of those who came before us are all integral to Sinai’s remote and beautiful desert. As well as being closely associated with the Old Testament, Sinai was an important centre for early Christianity, a place of refuge for Desert Fathers and Mothers and an important centre for the development of monastic traditions. St Catherine’s Monastery in the heart of Sinai’s rugged interior remains a treasure house of rare early Christian manuscripts and art.

Our pilgrimages offer a chance to journey in the footsteps of Moses, to climb Mount Sinai, to experience the timeless traditional way of travel by camel with the Bedouin. We can organise journeys not only to the monasteries and known sites, but also to special places; quiet places for private contemplation.

For information, ideas and advice on organising your own pilgrimage, please contact us.

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