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School Projects & Curriculum links

Although a journey to Sinai can be considered an education in itself, some schools like to go even further. Working with students and staff we help them to organise different activities and projects that they are interested in being involved in.

We have set up and worked on many different projects including environmental work, irrigation work, painting schools, medical work and regenerating gardens.


Our projects vary from year to year. They are chosen in conjunction with the Bedouin and designed in order to ensure they meet a very real need. By working directly with the Bedouin on local community based projects you will gain a very personal in depth experience of their cultures and lives. The work in the field can include:

Regeneration of the Bedouin Gardens

Hidden within the high mountain region are a number of Bedouin fruit gardens and orchards that have for centuries been a source of food and clean water, but recently fallen into disrepair. The orchards provide crops of apples, olives, pears, quince, pomegranate, grapes, almonds, mulberry, dates and apricots. Groups have rebuilt dry stonewalling, improved irrigation channels and replanted fruit trees.

Water Management and Irrigation Project

Working with Sheikh Hamid, head of the local Muzeina tribe in the sandstone desert, successive groups of students have helped to implement an irrigation scheme and create a water management system that was suitable for the environment, using readily available resources.

Environmental Work with National Parks

National Parks around the world encompass areas of outstanding beauty, and are often set up with the aim of helping maintain the balance between nature and development. Each year we work on a project with the St Catherine’s National Park on and around Mount Sinai, and with the local Bedouin tribe who have lived in the mountains for centuries.

Painting and decorating a Bedouin School(summer only)

An opportunity to spend some time with the Bedouin children, and help to make their learning environment a brighter place. Materials are bought from England and paint is bought locally. All ideas are welcome in order to transform the school into a fun and educational learning centre. This project may involve the possibility of teaching some English.

Curriculum Links

The Sinai's environment and rich heritage provides a wealth of interesting material for studies in a range of subjects that will enhance the learning experience. These can include:


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