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Sample Itineraries for Schools

Examples of itineraries are summarised below, for further details please contact us. We are happy to link itineraries to the school curriculum and/or project work.

Sinai Endeavour

A tremendously exciting week spent trekking through some of the most remote and magical areas of the Sinai, either in the desert or the high mountain region, depending on the time of year. The week gives a very close and personal insight into this ancient land and its culture - a truly educational journey!

Sinai Discovery

A gentle introduction to the beauty of the Sinai Desert and Bedouin tribespeople. This combination of adventure and tailored activities is designed to inspire and delight the school group within a safe framework.

Sinai Explorer

This journey begins in Cairo with a visit to the Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza but then gives students the opportunity to discover the remarkable land that still lies far off the beaten track. They can be gentle introductions or more intensive adventures with mountain trekking.

Sinai Initiative

For serious adventurers only! Our Sinai Initiative offers individual schools the opportunity to benefit fully from our specialist knowledge of the Sinai and our close relationships with the nomadic Bedouin tribes. It is an intensive four-week expedition that allows students to:

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