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School Journeys

Inspire your students and enrich your school community through a unique spiritual adventure, where students can escape their busy lives and explore the wonder of being. As they are immersed in nature, they can enjoy the simple pleasure of a journey on foot, learn how to read the landscape, build a shelter, make a fire, simply be together. Integral to the experience is time for facilitated discussion and structured reflection, guided by our professional leaders and devised with school staff, with a focus on values and life choices. Students will be encouraged to think about themselves, their school community and wider society.

A 3-day journey offers the optimum experience, but every adventure can be tailored to suit the needs and aspirations of each school group.

Wind Sand & Stars and Rafan House Partnership in ”Adventures into Being”

What does it take to have life-long well-being?

Stress, anxiety, depression: the news, our work-places, and our schools are full of these words.  When we are concerned for our children’s physical wellbeing, we react quickly and demand the best care; we attend to their academic, sporting, musical, and artistic talents without a second thought. Yet when it comes to our children’s mental well-being and their capacity to grow through childhood and adolescence into emotionally and spiritually healthy adults, we are often slow to act.  It is sometimes less obvious how best to help our children, and ourselves, in this fast-paced, screen-based, social media world.

Rafan House is based in Harley Street, London.  We specialise in assisting children, adolescents, adults, and couples who feel that their everyday lives have somehow lost a sense of stability and well-being, leading them towards a state of mind where anxiety, stress, or more pervasive mental health problems may arise.

Wind Sand & Stars and Rafan House have created an Adventure into Being for young people.  It is not just ‘camping’ or ‘expedition craft’ but, alongside the excitement of youngsters having fun in the field, we have added a valuable dimension into our 3-day journey.  Our purpose is not only to provide an opportunity for young people to explore themselves at a more personal and reflected level but to also offer an experience helping them to gain resilience, perspective, wisdom, and spirit, on their paths to becoming resourceful human beings.   We help them to develop the capacity to build positive relationship with others and, most essentially, with themselves.   This can be one of the greatest advantages in ensuring emotionally healthy personal and working lives across the years.

Our extensive expertise in education, expeditions, and well-being means our integrated 3-day wilderness experience, and its leadership, are unique.

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